See the True Picture

Caribbean sea and coconut palmsAt Riverside Imaging Specialists LLC, our mission is to provide the highest quality outpatient diagnostic imaging services and to earn and maintain the confidence of the physicians, patients and families who entrust us with their health and business. We are privileged to offer an experience that is both clinically sound and reliable, in a relaxing environment that gives our patients the comfort and caring touch they deserve.

Our outpatient diagnostic center was designed with patient comfort in mind, from the beautiful décor to the actual types of equipment we utilize. The art work found in our center was chosen for the exquisite relaxing blue tones and scenic settings that have been shown to elicit calm and peacefulness. The High Field OPEN MRI and high quality CT scanners we use were chosen for their superior quality and restful design. Each of our efforts is driven by our concern for the comfort and sensitivity of our patients and the desire to make our center feel most pleasant.

Our team of experienced support staff, registered technologists and board certified radiologists are committed to excellence in treatment and providing our patients with the compassion we all need when facing illness, injury or at our weakest moments. It is our heartfelt sympathy for the impaired human condition that drives us to minimize the pain, fears and uncertainty of the disrupted lives we humbly serve.