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“HFO” or High-Field Open MRI!
Comfort and Quality…

Our Philips High Field Open Panorama – 1.0 Tesla MRI is a major step forward in modern diagnostic technology using a superconducting magnet, computer and superior coil technologies.

This 1.0 “HFO” or high field open unit acquires images comparable to 1.5 Tesla closed high field MRI, yet in a completely open environment that accommodates extra-large, high anxiety and claustrophobic patients. We are able to offer a roomy 360-degree open view, 160 cm wide aperture offering triple the average space of classic MRI units, so positioning is optimized. Additionally, the Philips HFO can accept patients weighing up to 550 lbs.

Many advanced MRI studies are also available in the new HFO-MRI:

Riverside Imaging Specialists also offers…

Advanced Computed Tomography – CT  (CAT Scans)

The popular GE Lightspeed CT scanner is available on a same day schedule basis, pending insurance requirements. Unlike many hospital CT scanners, Riverside Imaging Specialists can serve the same day needs of referring physicians in a comfortable, more peaceful, patient-supportive environment. With advanced CT, many exams take less time to complete than the time required to screen the patient. Our CT unit allows a minimal amount of radiation and 3D imaging. Patients are amazed with our quick service and appreciate the ease of the comfortable and accessible outpatient setting. Physicians appreciate our quick turnaround and accuracy of reports enabling a timely diagnosis.

Riverside Imaging Specialists is committed to top tier service… we are here to help…

Our experienced insurance and patient service staff will pre-certify most insurances for physician’s offices, reducing the time required of your staff, to check patient insurance benefits and handle diagnostic imaging referrals. We offer express fax scheduling so that your staff may simply fax us referrals and clinical information, then, we will call the patient to conveniently schedule their exam! This is a service that we gladly offer to ease the workload of referring offices and expedite the care of your patients.

In addition, we offer 24 hours or less turnaround on reports and call reports as requested. The readings are completed by board certified radiologists. Our radiologists have been fellowship trained at distinguished institutions around the country. We can provide a complimentary CD of the MRI or CT images at your request. Our goal is to assist our referring physicians in any way possible to enhance expeditious, quality care of each and every patient, so that your treatment plan can be optimized.