Why choose us?

patient_picRiverside Imaging Specialists, LLC welcomes the opportunity to serve your diagnostic imaging needs! Our outpatient services – High Field OPEN MRI and Advanced CT – are provided in an environment that is very different than hospitals. No safety concerns of parking decks, long walks to the diagnostic department or the imposing size of large facilities.

You will be pleasantly greeted and attended to throughout your visit by support staff who genuinely enjoy helping others. Our highly trained and registered technologists will answer your questions and ensure you feel comfortable and at ease about the entire process of having your exam. Once your exam is completed, your physician will receive a report from experienced board certified radiologists within 24 hours.

Our insurance representative will review your insurance coverage with you, so you will know what your policy requires you to pay as your portion. You may have no payment to make depending on your individual insurance situation.

The cost of your MRI or CT exam at Riverside Imaging Specialists will be substantially less, hundreds if not thousands of dollars less, than at most hospitals and many other facilities. This is because of our lower operational costs and our contractual agreements with insurance companies compared to large facilities.

We will file your insurance and try to minimize financial burdens by working with you and even offer affordable self-pay discounts to those without insurance. We are here to help in any way we can so you receive the diagnostic exam you need as ordered by your physician.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a method of looking inside the body utilizing magnetic fields and computer software to create 3-D images of internal structures of the body. This exam can save patients from otherwise more invasive or possibly surgical procedures. MRI is painless and our wide open High Field OPEN MRI offers claustrophobic and larger patients a far more comfortable scan than closed tunnel type machines. Even so-called “wide bore” style scanners are still closed systems and create anxiety and fear in many patients. High Field MRI results in clearer pictures for more accurate readings by the radiologist. The Philips HFO or High Field OPEN MRI is capable of generating images comparable to closed 1.5 Tesla scanners. So, there is no concern of lower resolution imaging associated with older, less powerful open MRI units.

CT (Computed Tomography or CAT Scans) is another type of diagnostic test that uses X-Rays and computers to generate 3-D internal pictures of the body. CT  is particularly useful for quickly evaluating skeletal integrity, abnormal organ structures and muscles while CT angiograms are excellent for visualizing blood flow. Our GE Lightspeed CT is highly regarded for quality in the industry.

We look forward to the privilege of serving you in a comfortable, easily accessible and friendly outpatient setting with free parking.  We believe you will feel at ease from arrival to departure!